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Flower field by Silidons00 Flower field :iconsilidons00:Silidons00 6 0 Take the river by Silidons00 Take the river :iconsilidons00:Silidons00 12 0 Thorn trees by Silidons00 Thorn trees :iconsilidons00:Silidons00 7 2 The Little Things by Silidons00 The Little Things :iconsilidons00:Silidons00 8 2 Last Dandelion by Silidons00 Last Dandelion :iconsilidons00:Silidons00 5 2 Rearview Mirror by Silidons00 Rearview Mirror :iconsilidons00:Silidons00 2 2
Dragon raiser
Welcome to the mountains
Please enjoy the view
If you leave the path
'Twas nice knowing you
I walked into the mighty range
To search for bones of old
People here are mighty strange
"Flee and hide" I was told
There were no finds on the path
My fellows picked them bare
So to the signs I gave a laugh
What fools won't fear, I swear
Off the path the bones were rich
Becoming more and more unique
And then I stumbled into a ditch
Where the bones began to speak
"Greetings Master" the old skull said
The bones rose and grew new meat
Until the skull had a dragon's head
Which bent to kneel at my feet
"Your power brings us back to life
Wherever our bones now are stored
And if you save my kin and wife
Then you shall be the dragon lord"
What fool would not take such a deal
I raised all dragons from the dead
And then in return for my zeal
The dragons promptly ate my head
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 3 3
I used to design paper airplanes.
Flying fascinated me when I was younger, like it did most of us at that age I imagine. And, as my own attempts to fly were invariably spoiled, I turned to the art of making other things fly for me. There was something gloriously fascinating about taking an unwieldy piece of paper and seeing how far and fast and high I could make it go.
I had a book for this. Awesome paper airplanes, or some such. I delved into that book for all its secrets... but eventually those secrets began to bore me. Here was an airplane that could cover a field, this one flew a clockwise circle, this one would do so many loops. It was terribly formulaic, and every one would tell me its function before I'd made the first crease.
So I set out on my own. I started by messing with the ones I knew, and then I started experimenting. What if I creased the paper here, then flattened it? What if I put a nose on each end? What if I put a rubber band on the front of the wings? Nine out of ten planes simply fell to the groun
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 4 5
A bit of light
"She was my flame, but I was the wick. Just letting her burn up me and my world in hopes of making a little light"
It was dark again. I suppose that would be deep if I thought about it, but hell knows it does that every night.
I looked back up. The tower revealed to me that time does not in fact have any effect on space. At least, not the space between me and wherever she decided to be instead of here.
Or maybe it did, cause the clock struck 10, and she was back again. Smiling, laughing, hearing those bongs ring out across the courtyard as if she didn't know we'd agreed to meet at nine.
Red and orange were dreadful colors to wear together (or at least, horribly out of fashion) but damn me if she couldn't make a barbed-wire fence look like the finest silks and furs.
"Oh, how have you been, it feels like forever since I've seen you."
It does, and it's mostly her fault, but that's not what comes out of my mouth.
"Blinking feels like a forever without you behind my eyelids."
Hell's blood,
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 3 7
Can't sleep-01
Keep breathing, keep bleeding
Cut the souls from ever-worn
Keep trying, keep stealing
All the time since you were born
The tides of man and simple things
Bring forth the sleepless night
But in the end the angels sing
That this was not your fight
Sell your arms for battle scars
And end the walls before your time
There is no ships left to reach the stars
But I still hope you'll be mine
Three wise men once told me well
That never was there a chance for life
But three wise men drowned and fell
And it was I who held the knife
So sing to me, elder fiends
Speak of worlds that you think nice
But I slew you in my dreams
And I shall pay no price
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 2 2
I miss them. And they're not even gone yet. The wind is breaking the trees, the snow is falling, and they're standing by my side still. The night claims many good friends, but I wish it was I who was to be claimed. It would be so much easier that way. But true cowards never die, so I'll stand by the side of the road and watch as you all ride off to the deaths that you have well earned. And I'll sit here with a life I have never done one thing to deserve keeping it.
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 2 3
Stupid Heart
So let me explain away my plight.
I don't mind if it's not right.
But I tell you I have my reasons
For what I'm about to write.
It's quite simple, you see.
At least, it is to me.
Because I don't care what happens
As long as she is happy.
And she is happy, in any event.
No more troubles or argument,
No need to bring it back up,
Please stop talking, I'm content.
I think she's happy, anyway,
I never asked, just what they say.
She smiles more than anyone
I will swear she's happy everyday.
So, no problem, no issue, what the shit.
Why should I care about any of it?
I have no stake in the matter anymore
I don't need a place to fit.
Stopping now would be smart,
I have no place and no part.
Make her happy, and it is so,
I don't care about my heart.
Just leave me be, I'm begging you
She is happy, I'd swear it too
There's no need for me here
She's happy, I'm done, I'm through.
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 1 9
Light to dark
In lights of old, there was no dark
No night, no shadow... and no heart
The men of old were pure and true
For that was all they knew to do
You know all that died quite soon
For in ceaseless day, there was no moon
The gods of old thought peace was life
A true existence, no war or strife
But the hearts of men crave more than light
And without choice, man knew no right
So one day men thought what else might be
If they scattered the light and became free
You may curse man's name, for his whims
Or curse the gods for not stopping him
Because now light and dark are hard to find
Mixed in life, in day, and in man's mind
But do not think that all is dark
For in the night man found his heart
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 4 4
Useless Poems
Oh what's the bloody use?
This is my fifth try tonight
And every time I delete it again.
Backspace, remove, undo, no more.
Every thing I write is the same
Words and useless words.
And never the only thing
The one thing I'm looking for.
What is it, burn you.
A sunrise over the crystal lake?
A ring of flowers around your corpse?
Or maybe it's just a warm hand.
Doesn't matter, I can't find it,
I've failed me again, worthless words.
I've lost the rhyme, rhythm, and scene.
And honestly, I've lost my mind.
It took me five words to say this,
And now five stanza's on repeat.
I'm still stuck inside my head.
And nothing's coming out tonight.
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 3 8
My Midnight Brain
You were a vivid dream
To my midnight brain
That last little spark
Before my eyes went down
That little jolt of falling
When you're trying to sleep
You're haunting me
In my midnight brain
A lullaby that was good once
But on repeat and I just
I want to hear your next song
So my mind can sleep
You seem good for me
At least, my midnight brain
The nights too long
I just want the morning
So please, don't be a dream
And just let me sleep
And in the morning I shall know
What I saw
With my midnight brain
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 10 10
When We Were Nine
Tick or talk, I'm still here,
Watching you grow and disappear.
I don't remember half the time,
But it's been so long since we were nine.
You used to drag me up to be with you.
I was weak, but I still wanted to
Be both strong and smart and tall.
You tried so hard, and I still just fall.
I knew that once the clock struck time
That you would leave me far behind.
So I strayed and walked away
To put off that one last day.
But you still pull me up high,
It's been my fault, don't ask me why.
But I didn't want to be left alone
And so I made solitude my home.
It's been so long, and I'm still here.
You really never did disappear.
But I just sit and watch the time
And remember back when we were nine.
:iconsilidons00:Silidons00 5 6



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Times change, life changes. I'm not sure if I'll ever use DeviantArt the way I used to
If I'm following you, I will still see your artwork. If we are friends, I will still be here to chat.
I will still favourite works I love, I will still comment when I can.
And if I do come back, I'll let you know.

Still me.


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